Monday, August 8, 2011

Building the !#(*&_$ Coop!!!

So we've spent most (all but one day) of the last week building the mother flippin' coop! The plans beyond suck, we should have bought a table saw... and the darn thing just aint fitting together as it should! So instead of carrying on about it, here are the pics of the evolution.
The front of the "barn" minus the door. Some parts had to be cut after most of the front was done... took 3 days Wednesday Aug 3

Barn Shed brought to you in part Muscol! Every day of the week!

The back was so much easier since we had most of the measurments for the front Thursday Aug 4

And up go the side walls & back wall Saturday Aug 6

The front and ridgeboards are up, rafters are next Saturday Aug 6th

Rafters are in place, lets not talk about them Sat Aug 6th

Roof part 1 Sunday Aug 7

Roof part 2 and side walls... it's almost kinda done Sunday Aug 7
 it's been a long week, a very long week. Late starts, short materials, in need of tools, impossible angles... Had to cut boards at a 21 degree angle, with what exactly???? the Mitre saw doesn't cut angles that steep, using a skill saw or jig saw really bad idea!!!!! We got it done but not without much frustration. I have to say, the sander also came in to great use! Sure we are partially to blame for lack of experience but I'm also blaming warpped wood for straight cuts not fitting where they should!!!!

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