Sunday, September 18, 2011

Coop from Hell...

So Lee and I hae been working on the coop since the begining of August. Many long hours, many late nights but we are almost done. We need nest boxes and to finish putting up OSB. Everytime we look at teh coop and run we find more things that need to be done. In the mean time...

A coat of paint was put on the barn before the shingles were put on.

Added the trim and a first section of shingles.

Lee hard at work.

Chicken Door.

Insulated and wired.

Light switch.

The light does work as does the socket.

The doors are on, the run has a gate, the chickens are fenced in :)

the chicken door opens kinda like a draw bridge.


The coop and run.

Inside the coop. OSB is partially up. Didn't want the chickens pecking at the vapor barrier and insulation.
It's been a long project, a ton of hard work but we are proud of our work!

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