Sunday, May 15, 2011

Will this coop ever get built?

So a few weeks ago I went and had the materials for the coop quoted. The Invermere Home Hardward did a half butt job of pricing the materials. they came out to about 650.00$ but most of it wasn't priced. I had even brought the girl my "How to Build Chicken Coops For Dummies" so she had a list of everything I needed. Then later that day Lee and I went to Home Depot in Cranbrook. The lady there was very very nice, she took my book, priced everythign she could, then we walked around the warehouse so I could pick other materials that I needed, she priced those out as well. The Home Depot quote was almost a thousand dollars but THAT quote was actually accurate. Our final stop was Home Hardware in Cranbrook. Instead of haveing all the materials priced out again, what we did was look at a few sheds, there was one that is 8'X8' just like in the book. So we got a price for the unassembled shed kit 465$ all we need to do is go get the parts, and assemble it ourselves. The lumber isn't cut so we can make all the adjustments necessary to add nest boxes, insulate and add electricity... This is the otion we are going for. Later on I found out that Home Hardware in Invermere carries that same shed but for 130$ more. The Cranbrook HH also has 6'X100' sheep fencing at 150$ per roll! Not bad at all!

Been looking for a trailer for 2 weeks now. Apparently no one I know has one. A friend found one for us but unfortunately it's tooo small and we can't have anything over hanging as the tires get in the way.

I called Home Hardware in Invermere today to see if they would match the price of the shed in Cranbrook, and they won't. That's fine, I just won't buy ity there. I'd really like to get Lee and I a nice compound Mitre saw and a table saw. I think Lee will be asking the Helmers this week if they have a trailer we can borrow. Here's hoping they do.

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