Thursday, April 14, 2011

How this all started...

Last August I moved back from Carleton Place to Invermere. I had been telling Lee that I want chickens and bees on and off for a while. I really just want our own little hobby farm to feed ourselves and friends and family. So on our trip across the country I picked up a book and magazine about chickens.
I kinda dropped the subject over winter, but now spring is here...
A little bit of back information, we rent a house, it's on almost 2 acres, there's a great cement pad where a cabin used to be (stay tuned for pictures of the property). It's perfect to be fenced in as predetors can dig under as much as they like but they won't get through the bottom. There are many trees on the property that provide shade and shelter.
Due Diligence:
Before getting too carried away with hopes and dreams and construction, I spent the month of march doing some research and getting permission to keep chickens. My landlords have agreed to let me raise a few chickens and I've checked with RDEK about the bylaws concerning raising poultry in my back yard. Turns out I am allowed to have up to 15 chickens!!! This is getting better by the minute!

What to get? What to get? So many breeds, so many choices, so few chickens I can keep!!! Well first things first, WHERE can I get chicks/Chickens? I found 2 hatcheries just north of Edmonton and found out that I can purchase chicks from Fort Steele I was looking at Miller Hatchery ( ) at first but I sent them an e-mail and never heard back. Then I tried working with Rochester Hatchery ( ) and they weren't much better. The Rochester Hatchery website is out of date, if you e-mail questions they mostly answer with one word.

I was hoping to get some Danish Brown Leghorns, Ameraucanas and Buff Oprington, however, I would have had to purchase a minimum of 25 chicks from Rochester Hatchery so that's a no go. On the 9th of April, Lee and I were at Fort Steele and seen a sign that advertized chicks for sale. I called the person who's selling them, managed to speak to someone. They took my name and number to put me on their list. I am hoping to get Barred Rock Plymouths and Chanteclers.

At the end of the day what I would really like are 6 laying hens and 9 meat birds. I will have no problem collecting eggs but Lee will have to do the killing of the chickens... I'll pluck and clean...

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